🍃 How I Inspire Myself to Exercise | One Easy Mindset Shift #Shorts


a lil message to ya in the event you’re struggling to seek out motivation ~ this one easy mindset shift has actually helped me s a y h e l l o …



  1. This advice made me a bit emotional because I'm trying to workout more often and don't want to give 100% .. being reminded I can give less is so freeing and motivational

  2. There's this one Girl I really like we are good friends but she loves my best friend he does not really much for her but she simply loves him that's my motivation. Its

  3. I wasn’t going to watch this short for whatever reason but something told me to… I am SO glad that I did. I needed to hear this from you.
    I put so much pressure Ron my self to be the best version of my self every day and honestly, while that’s beautiful and ambitious, it’s quite if not equally exhausting…
    I think your advice is great to adapt because it will allow me to give myself that breather and credit I so do deserve. It’s okay to not be on top of omens game every single waking second. (I tel myself to remind myself lol) but again, thank you. 💖
    Wishing y’all the best.

  4. This is legit the the best advice I've heard on the internet in years, we've got fucked up ideas about what motivation is and where it comes from, setting up unrealistic goals such as being 100% your best self every single day is just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment that you don't necessarily deserve. The world beats us up enough, be kind to yourself.

  5. This is also the lesson I've learned. Showing up is the way to go for group activities. Especially if you can find out which are the people that give you energy.


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