10 Largest Celeb ★ Health Physique Transformation


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  1. It really worried me when christian bale lost weight for a movie. Then had to gain it back. This is very bad on your heart and future health. No movie is worth your body being destroyed. I see so many actors gaining weight and losing wight to extremes for parts in movies. Why the producers would put them through this is just selfish pride for making their millions. They only care about the dollar signs not the actors.

  2. I watch it every single day to get motivated. Im already pretty ripped, working out for half a year by now, but still I sometime loose it, and need that mental boost, especially regarding the eating part.

  3. Hugh Jackman got fired up to do curls all wrong. If you're going to be on gear you should learn the correct way to lift weights. None of these guys are natural, don't believe their lies. Celebrity trainers are now changing from "chicken, broccoli, and rice" diet to more reasonable diet suggestions (cos they know it's complete bs and handing out roids to these people).

  4. at 7:00 the reason the breake bones is they never do it before if you do it when younger you bones get stronger and you can handle it better only not the knees they get worse if you use them to much i crew up as a skateboarder made me very tough for getting hit taking a crash like bouncing of the floor from heights


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