30-Minute Cardio Dance Exercise Celebrities Love


For those who love this video, you may love a LIVE exercise with Simone DeLaRue! Be part of us for a 30-minute dance exercise that is certain to get …



  1. I just did this routine, I feel misled. It's more like a traditional 1 hr dance class: long warm-ups and cool downs, and speaking alot between combinations. I was waiting for it to really pick it up. "Cardio dance" /Zumba is fast pace to get your heart rate up. I had to do minor moves in between.

  2. It's awful!!!! It's about yielding and guffawing of the instructor only! Extremely low intensity and her constant irritating screaming drives me crazy! I'll never watch her again! Don't understand why she has so many followers: it's not about fitness, it's about 20 minutes if instructions and 8 minutes if movements. Trash!!!

  3. I bought a couple of her digital workout videos and they've helped me lose weight in the past, I just love her energy. I'm currently trying to lose 25 lbs and def including this in my workout rotation, along with others from Popsugar. Thanks!

  4. Love the routine, but why is she RUSHING the beat of the music all the time? As a musician, it really gets under my skin. PLEASE listen to the beat better, or have the music in the room turned up all the way!


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