5 Habits of FAKE, Ego-Drunk Health "Celebrities"


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  1. I cannot tell you how many times I have replied to someone's question with "I don't know" or "I have had no experience with that, so I cannot give you accurate advice". Even clients. You can always direct them to another resource or be honest and tell them that although you don't have the answer yet, you will look for a good place for them to possibly find it. I know personally, I would rather be directed down the right avenue to get the info I need, than waste my time and someone else's. And if someone tells me that they do not know the answer to my question, it doesn't make me unfollow them or not like their content. It makes me thankful that they didn't waste my time. I am still gonna double tap on that next post they make. πŸ™‚

  2. English spoken: athlean x, Greg Doucette, thibarmy are the best, german: brosep and athletic Aesthetics. My opinion. Of course there are other good ones, too but if I could only watch a few, I would chose these.

  3. On your 1st and 3rd gripe: Nobody forces you to watch that shit.

    If they are getting views for showing minutia about their lives, resulting in views and revenue, that is just capitalism.

  4. Guzman is in it for his next car LOL
    but it's their followers who seem to live vicariously through these people so I can't be mad I just don't watch that garbage


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