Hey guys, on at this time’s video I discuss 5 guidelines for motivation that may provide help to be constant, by no means hand over and make health an element …



  1. I'm barely gonna turn 16 in a few months and I started my training at 13 years old,it was just boxing at the beginning,but after a few months into it I started doing weight lifting to get a stronger body since it was really weak before.I've been into this training shit for almost 2 years and appreciate what you do and how you help other people to achieve their goals,like…man!I some day wanna be as strong as you are!thanks for giving us great tips and motivation bro.

  2. I'm 40yo and watched all your videos. Last year I've started to move some iron around because of your videos, out of boredom in lockdown. Thanks you so much, I've watched all your videos, love them, love that you are so real. Hope so many teenagers will listen to your free advise. Stay strong AF 🦾

  3. Very well said mate, great video I have finally returned to the person I truly am recently which is a fitness person who is positive and enjoys life, I really let myself go last year and used covid restrictions as an excuse so much, but reality is, I just gave up and now I am unhappy with my body however, It gives me so much excitement to not only get back to where I was previously, but to go even further. Keep going great man, been watching for years.

  4. I agree with this whole video. I used to have a killer body in my young age due to bodybuilding. Now after over a decade of being overweight I am back lifting what I can at home for the last year…maybe 1 more year and I should be where I want to be. That is with your help and watching all your healthy food videos!

  5. Hey Zac, could you do another book review video? I loved the last one and read all the books you recommended and now Iβ€˜m desperately waiting for you to do another one 🌚. Orrrr to make things easier for you, you could put some new book recommendations in the description box under the new videos you upload,.. maybe (?).. It would make me so happy honestly 🌚. Cheers from Switzerland, loved the video πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

  6. I constantly see personal trainers like that in gym, only small set of people get motivated like that.

    The way you get motivated is by "making the workout as PLEASUREABLE as possible".

    I could give 100 tips. For example:
    1. Make super delicious protein shake and drink it while you work out.


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