8 Tricks to Keep MOTIVATED with Health!


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  1. ???I have a question for you??? I have klinefelte syndrome and I take testosterone gel every day an i have worked out in 11 years and i'm thinking of getting bigger would I be easier for me to get ripd im 6'2'' an 125pounds or 60kg how do you think I should start??

  2. What I did was not look at my body in the mirror for a month and a half. Noticed some big changes. If you look at your body in the mirror everyday, the results will seem slow and you lose motivation

  3. Something to be said about the last point about remembering why you started is what brought me to fitness. I've spent the last 10 years focusing on music with the goal of playing in a band, putting out an album, and tour. I've played in many bands, but have had a main project since 2014, we put out an album last year, but I never got to tour because of our drummers lack of motivation and time for our band. It was so discouraging having spent nearly half of my life on this goal to fall short because of someone else. Now he's leaving entirely and I have to start again from square one, which made me question why I was even doing it. I've been training at home since January, I'm seeing great results, and it's something that only my own physical and mental limitations can get in the way of.

  4. My way works best:
    Think that lifting will make you attractive towards girls, when it won't work (just like me) you will put more effort in and work like a maniac. Worked best i've been mr olympia winner 10 times already full natty

  5. Having athletes or whoever to look up to also helps. Fitness channels like this, Athlean-X, Mike Thurston, and Jeremy Ethier really help because they help us focus on what's necessary.


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