Celebrities Reacting To Different Celebs Health Transformations!


Listed below are among the finest reactions to movie star’s health transformations! Like and sub! 😀 — Artists Featured on this video: Michael …



  1. Must be nice to have good genes already and then be able to afford personal trailers, life coaches and dieticians and Whole Foods. Way to go. Rub it in our faces that we'll never look like these people. Hollywood has become its own dystopian horror movie.

  2. I don't minds women appreciating physique of other men or women. That is good. But I strongly object to them ripping someone's shirt off. What happened to Zac Efron was disturbing. Rita should have known her limits.

  3. Thousand a day pushup minimum.. as a dude whose been doing 4 years of calisthenics i cant really believe that.. well it is possible but you cant possibly be consistent with that.. like for a 7 times a week.. probably the big names of calisthenics would say that too..

    edit: as a weird guy whose been doing 4 years…*

  4. I'm pretty sure the part near the end with Charlie Hunnam was a joke from Naruto

    I mean like he mentioned guy and jujitsu so I think he was acting like rock Lee. Just Saying

  5. I know a lot of ppl say there is double standards here but in all honesty a lot of men enjoy ppl telling them their bodies are nice and that they’re so buff, cause they work so hard on it. A double standard would be if they kept talking about their penis’ like ppl talk about women’s breasts and butts

  6. I feel bad for Zach. No matter how much he says he doesn’t want to glamorize his physic, women still feel like it’s okay to touch him and try taking off his shirt

  7. When will you guys realize that a mans cheat and a woman’s breast are NO WHERE alike except it’s a part of our body. A mans cheat is no more private than his arm or hand. A woman’s breast is not equal to a mans. Yes you should keep your hands to yourself but you can’t make them equal because they’re just not. 🤷🏻‍♀️ theres a reason men wear no shirts all the time and women don’t. I mean if you wanted to go shirtless you could but women’s breast are far more…. i dont know sensitive, than men. They’re used to feed babies, they’re just a private area to some. Not saying hide your boobs by any means but they’re just different. Don’t go touching someone because you want to. That’s weird but seriously you guys. It’s much more shocking to see a woman’s breast suddenly exposed than a mans and it’s not because of anything that needs changing in society. It’s basically a woman’s private area. Women don’t go around normally with tits out.


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