Celebrities SHOCKED Response To Will Smith Punching Chris Rock


Celebrities SHOCKED Response To Will Smith Punching Chris Rock The Oscars. It is an occasion the place Hollywood’s finest and …



  1. I will never ever see any more videos of will smith!! Remamber that you smile of Chris joke, so you love it. You only smack Chris because ur wife dident like the joke. You are week mtf, and I will never see any movies of ur famely and i will make sure many will hate you!! Be a man!! A man will speek to Chris after the Oscar, not show how stupid you are o air!!! You are finnish in the movies!!! And Oscar shud be taken from you!

  2. Will says he looks like the crazy father, then tries to excuse his actions by blaming it on love.

    Now he's blaming her.

    Ain't no one to blame but yourself.

    It was Will who went on stage and violently assaulted the host. It was Will who couldn't really restrain himself. It was Will not his wife who was handed a 10 year ban from the Oscars.

    I don't really think that Will has the first clue about what is meant by the term love.

    The guy is completely delusional.

    Thank goodness that he's not going to be in any more movies.

    Even now he's blaming everyone else but himself, what an idiot this guy is.

  3. I'm sorry for all the hard working movie people who didn't get any attention because of this childish moment. There are people working so so hard, dreaming of this shitty award and any attention or recognition they may have gotten here was taken away from them

  4. Will is a big bitch program by his so call โ€œwifeโ€ she is no real woman now I would like you to slap everyone thatโ€™s making jokes about jada hair now!!!!!! With your fluctuating family will man up and find yourself a real queen that means you good

  5. Let it go people there are other issues way more important. Jada Pinkett Smith is a sadistic and shallow human being and Will is a pathetic and weak man. Let's focus on the real issues than phoney assholes in Hollywood.

  6. Love will make you do crazy things???
    Being married to narcissistic woman who doesn't love ..doesn't respect you and cheat on you in public ..
    Will make you crazy and destroy you
    That woman rolling her eyes reacting to a joke make him do this he was laughing at first
    Then looked at her saw her anger
    And did what he did
    He knew he will be in trouble at home
    He sacrificed his reputation friends and audience and his career also
    What did she do to you will

  7. ALL the shine is off the movie he played in portraying the Williams dad and all we hear about is the slap heard around the world. If I was the Williams โ€ฆ I would furious.


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