Health Celebrities Can't be trusted





  1. Tired of the bullshit deception and not being honest. I don’t respect this shit. Makes the normal person depressed on what fitness really is. Hey they can do whatever they want take whatever they want but holy crap be honest or gtfo. Or just don’t talk about how you did it. No respect for that mentality.

  2. Also remeber guys, celebreties don't have day jobs. All well and good getting up and 5 AM and lifting for 2 hours, but see how you feel 3 hours into your 9 hour day when you drive a truck for a living.

  3. 3:18 Hmmm… Sounds like these Hollywood folk don't know the difference between Calories (kcal) and kilojoules (kJ). I could maybe believe 6000kJ but to claim to have eaten 6000 kcal! C'mon man… don't be ridiculous!

  4. Chris just hasn’t gotten his diet on point yet. Wait until he figures out that all he needs is a supraphysiological dose of broccoli and chicken breasts.

  5. Give coach Greg some credit, for saying essentially that Santa is real; he decided to keep the belief alive for kids that may be listening to what their mother/father is watching on YouTube.

  6. Public info:100 abs, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and 10k run each day for three years. Secret info: Public training plus defeating monsters that can destroy a planet on a daily basis.

  7. What’s the benefit of them being honest with what they’re taking? Let’s say the rock says he took Tren to prepare for a movie. Ok, now thousands of kids will take tren. Obviously they are taking PEDS, but why would they admit it? It serves no purpose.

  8. this man's worlds are of gold actually i was 113kg i trained liked hard as i can very strict diet i got my dream physic i became 78kg i got six packs it took allot of time to do, yet then it was very hard to me to keep on i was not happy and i was very uncomfortable for such diet so switched i lost my six packs i know but now i look aesthetic and my weight is 84kg with height 188cm and im very happy with my new diet
    actually no one cares if u have six packs or not i was veryyyyy shredded but no one cared in addition to the low energy and feeling mind illness and stressssss

  9. They act like they are the gods of this world. So they don't want people to discover that they aren't that special and that they shit in the toilet like averybody does.


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