Health Motivation 💪 5 Ideas for Getting Motivated to Exercise & STAYING Motivated to Exercise!


Exercise motivation will be… a little bit exhausting to come back by generally. Discovering that little piece of inspiration that offers you health …



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  2. Your videos are my workout motivation. And it's a human nature to see that other people are also having the same problems as ourselves and that too gives a motivation in some sense. ( Feeling of not being alone )

  3. The word motivation is a demotivation. Same with saying “your own will power” because you’re putting the focus on that single person. They themself are already messed up by not being in that routine already. and putting the focus on them is only going to make them shy away. You need to make them believe in a certain action. if you can’t do it, those words are just hollow shells ready to crumble.

    Don’t focus on a motivation. Just realize what you’re doing is damaging. And if you can’t see that then you need to work on yourself. Be happy with yourself, because you can lose any kind of weight and then gain it back in the next month.

    Work on yourself emotionally, fuck those words “inspiration” “motivation” “will power”. Focus on you and stop trying to hype yourself up. You’re not a dog about to go on a damn walk or car ride. If you can’t think about doing some thing, and then just do it bcus it’s a good idea. Then you need to cut everything out. And focus on yourself. This is a serious attitude you need to have. Find the problem, understand it, work on it and then solve it. Kinda like the cluttered home. That’s some true shit man. When you wake up and make your bed, it sets a precedent for the day. Find what’s binding you up. And take it down.

  4. You motivated me to run once (30 mins) per week, now also workout twice (30 mins) per week! I am slim and I easily get tired doing my job (I'm a violin student). I realized I need more and stronger arm muscles to be able to bear the 3-hour daily practicing without getting injured, so I watch your video to motivate myself, like previously with running.

  5. @Caty I’m new to watching you and getting good pointers. Just got my DOT physical today and I’m down 30 pounds in 2 months from just walking & watching my diet.

    Suggestion… lose the earbuds & get AIRPODS!!! Omg great sound, long battery life & no FN wire getting in your way!

  6. Hey I recently found your channel as a young kid and teen I loved running I've won medals in competitions in first place and used go be faster running in school as growing up and leaving school early I don't do it often unless I'm chasing after my nephew or an emergency I'm a husky owner so I'm always on walks and even do urban mushing but my girl got out the other night an a ran to get the dig whistle and I acatully sprinted for the first time in ages and it felt good I'm a been a smoker for about 3 years bit surprising don't really effect me as much as you would think. But most times I find it easy to run in the dark I don't know why I'm not tired etc but sometimes during the day I just feel like crap and can't run so it's confusing. Also the thing is I'm have anxiety and few other things and I find it awkward if I pass someone while running but I don't want to :). Also do you have a dog ? If you can make a video of you runing with your dog and tips etc or just anything I think it may help I don't see any new videos or really any at all with running with there dogs etc 🙁


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