How I Keep Motivated To Work Out & Eat Wholesome


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  1. This was an excellent video!! Momentum, make exercise part of life routine, have fun with it, on occasion do less to get more ONLY, motivation does NOT work. Make the best of it, stay active and positive. Good luck, you can do it. #babysteps

  2. this video is so good! one way i lost weight quick was with proVen it actually helps with all my cravings and stuff and it gave me alot of energy
    here is where i got it if you want to try it to! @t hope it helps:)

  3. What u should take away from me watching this video is that ur leg raises (7:13)needs better form and support. Instead of placing ur arms under ur head u should place them under ur back for support. This is a injury to ur lower back , mabye not now but later on down the track. just a heads up.

  4. I'm so thankful I saw this Video thanks a lot! Im experiencing an eating disorder at this moment maybe because of the quarantine 🙁 and Im having a hard time, but after watching this, it brightens up my night, Ill be starting a new beginning tommorow not jumping into a boom of changes ill be improving my self step by step! Thanks a lot

  5. I’m so bummed out, I’m 17 and I weight 94, I’m 5’4, I was gaining weight and it took me FOREVER to gain 4 solid pounds, this morning I checked and I lost 8 pounds !!! I’m so disappointed, it feels like I can’t keep going , it’s like the more I try to gain weight the more I LOSE weight. I feel stuck.

  6. Loved video so very true so its not bad i had pizza on my night out! Lol 😂 stiack w each day each worker gets better I continue to challenge myself, i think thst is the key is to continually challenge yourself w a new challenge to stay motivated!

  7. Thank you for this! I havent been healthy for the past three months and i think i needed to hear this because im so down thinking that i need to start a fit and healthy lifestyle allover again cause i lost track of my health and fitness.

  8. Eating cookies is more fun than taking walks. And what difference does it make anyway? Do you suppose you will live longer by trying to force yourself to be thin? We have no control over when we will die.


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