The way to Get Motivated to Work Out


Generally all of us wrestle to seek out the motivation to work out, proper? On this video as we speak, I’m going to be sharing with you my high …



  1. I put in my calendar every two weeks to take a picture of results so if I stop working out I'll be mad because my calendar will remind me and it seems toxic but it kinda works

  2. Since I have no motivation, I'm just going to sit in this camper and rot. The world will go by and I will enjoy the view from in here. and that was sarcastic I hope you know. I'm so grateful for this life changing event. It just makes me so bubbly thank you

  3. I know im obviously late, but i have been struggling with my body. No one sees those insecurities i have in myself but, I SEE them.. i wish that i would have smoother, high, thin face, bigger eyes, thinner eyebrows. I want to be more curvy, but everytime i see a Japanese girl i just wish to be them😢 i always so worried if one day i go to japan and then they think im ugly or something… i know i have to appreciate my looks but i just cant stop being 'honest' with myself😔 EVERY time i see any person i always compilmenting how they look, i always find something beautiful in their personality or looks. Some ppl say i need a therapist😬 I can NEVER look good in makeup i always look like myself or worse (imo) I always see my tummy big but Everyone says its flat. I always wanted to go to japan but they are so beautiful and perfect, I see myself so different then how the world sees me. I need to stop this, im sorry my goodness… personally me, no stress🤗 thanks for the vid🥰

  4. I’ve never gotten through a full workout video before.. I always give up and choose another one then after five minutes I give up the whole thing, how can I stay consistent and motivated throughout the workouts?

  5. me seeing comments how 'skinny girls' are motivation trust me, just being a toothpick like me doesn't help at all. Grass is always greener the other side.

  6. Before I am really motivated because I feel physically and mentally strong after every workout, then suddenly I just stopped working out. Now I am having a hard time finisihing a 30min workout. :((

  7. Easy for you to say. You not going throught deep cuts depression and siucide thoughts. And feel like shit and dont feel you got purpose in life and are alone.


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