How To Keep Motivated & Break Unhealthy Habits


That is Find out how to Keep Motivated and Break Your Unhealthy Habits that includes New York Instances Bestselling Creator James Clear. β–»Impressed?



  1. Set habits you want to have as smallest possible actions to remove barrier to taking action e.g. want to become a book reader, start by reading just one word every day, then one sentence a day, then one page a day – consistency is the key, do a little but consistently over a long time

  2. Very import and true I feel horrible when I end up getting off task and procrastinating it’s not gonna be easy but I aim to get rid of all my bad habits or else I’ll just be stuck where I am forever

  3. Similar to that marble strategy, what I like to do to get myself to read is get some good trail mix and put some in a cup with a small hole in it. After each page, I shake it a little bit until a piece comes out. I'm hoping for an M&M, but more often a plain peanut or raisin will come out.


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