I’m sharing my primary tip on keep motivated to shed some pounds. Motivation isn’t one thing that magically occurs, it’s …



  1. Happy Friday friends! Motivation is the number one question I get about weight loss. In this video, I am sharing where motivation comes from and how to create more of it for yourself! I hope this helps to support you in your personal health + weight loss goals! XO-Dani

  2. What about if you hate how you look but you don't have any motivation to change or any think it's even worth it? I personally never feel motivated, not even when I lose 20 pounds.. I see diet/exercise as punishment rather than self-care. Obviously, the bigger I get, the more I bury myself into a hole in the ground.. Life's hard, when nothing motivates you..

  3. I have signed up for your don't diet, I am currently trying to eat clean and delicious, I'm really excited about Roasted vegetables, I have corporate those into my diet. It's hard to cook for one.looking forward d to the launch of your don't diet launch.

  4. I have been losing weight for about a year and a half. I’m down 35 pounds. But I’m having a hard time loosing the last 25 pounds. I’m excited about your videos and info. Thank you.

  5. I lost 23 lbs during lockdown, then gained it back when christmas came. It was easier to stay motivated because I was doing it to show my friend she could too. Now we aren’t friends anymore and I don’t have the same motivation as before😞

  6. I was 97 kg. Now I'm 69. I started my journey at September, 2021. But, I don't have any friends, I don't go out. I have social accounts, but I never post anything as I'm too shy to show myself… So, it feels kinda waste of time. I mean, nobody is gonna see what I've achieved. Literally nobody is gonna know. That's why I stopped doing workout and started overeating. More like stress eating. I just feel so demotivated. Plus, there comes study pressure. My exam is literally knocking at the door.

  7. Hi Dani,
    This is my first comment ever. Finally!
    Just want to say thanks! You’ve given me MOTIVATION. You (and your daughter) are a bright light. Love your enthusiasm and your recipes. Thank you

  8. The most motivated ive ever been was when i weighed in daily on my childs Nintendo wii. Something about seeing my fat avatar waddling around on the screen made me feel sorry for it and want to help it. A truly weird psychological hack. Im trying to lose weight again but no longer have access to the wii.

  9. I was going to start in the new year but I’ve been ill so much I couldn’t but as soon as I get better after this cold I’m going to do it because new year new me and I need to be proud of myself


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