How To Keep Motivated W/ Health – Useful Suggestions & Recent New Perspective





  1. I don't have instagram but watch all your videos and have notifications turned on. I would love one of your Tshirts man. I've lost 130 pounds over 1.5 years and over the second half of my journey while I started to slip you mentally motivated me every fucking day. Let me know if we can arrange a T-shirt. I do live in Canada so not sure if that's feasable for you either. Either way love the vids man, you make a differentce. Take Care

  2. I am really finding it hard to start exercising. I have chosen swimming as I weigh over 350lbs and have issues with my knees. But I just can't make that first visit to the pool. And advice would be welcomed.

  3. Man i'm pushing and your videos are a constant reminder to keep going. This video was kinda emotional for me because I was beginning to find reasons not to work out although ppl have told me im losing weight in my mind im like yea right but out loud i say thanks. Today is my day off from work an i said i could use this time to get my gym bag that's been in the corner for weeks only to say I'll do it later knowing there's no later in sight. So i laid down to watch a movie an surf the net While the movie loading up and I saw the last video you did then watched this 1 I don't kno why…. but you just remotivated me im getting up now and going to the gym. Brixx thank you so much for being just a good dude because this is not something you half to do. But you kno the struggle and how real it is your videos are awesome but the way you bring the mental aspect to it is a game changer. Off to the gym…..

  4. Great Video! You've always posted inspirational and motivational videos (in/out of the gym), but since obtaining your dedicated office space the quality and editing of your videos have greatly improved. Keep up the outstanding work and content.

  5. Yo brix dats sum real facts…lmao. I hate wen I'm in tha middle of my workout n I gotta take a shit as well.. lol. I hate dat shit… n u rite, I dnt even wanna workout no more… I also like the tip about motivation. It does comes n goes.. I definitely dnt wanna thrive myself off motivation cuz u won't make it right… this video is super helpful…BRIX SQUAD

  6. Great video! What make me keep going is that after each workout πŸ‹πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ session I feel good all that dopamine, adrenaline endorphins release my pains and make me feel good that what keep me on track the next step is winning the battle of food πŸ₯˜ and I know I will

  7. Your videos speak the truth bro! who loves the stress of organising and doing that roller to help pull out the strains but its all about the results and this is what is driving me now!! Nothing but respect bro

  8. Hey man new subscriber here. I have that same husky lunchbag as you lol. I’m having trouble with my lunch since I don’t have access to a microwave at work so when I meal prep chicken breast/broccoli, it taste so bland by the time I eat it for lunch. I microwave them in the morning before work and it does taste good microwaved but by the time it gets cold, chicken breast taste bad. Any tips?

  9. Motivation comes and goes, you can't depend on it. You have to figure out what your reason "why" is, and I don't just mean looking good in the mirror. Go beyond that, why do you want to look good in the mirror if that's your reason? What do you think its going to change in your life? Point is, you are going to fail many times throughout your weight loss journey. Hit plateaus, experience setbacks, injuries, and life is going to constantly get in the way. If you don't know your "why", then you will give up. Nice video Brix, thanks for the constant inspiration and "motivation" πŸ’ͺ


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