How To Keep Motivated When You're Shedding Weight – Weight Loss Motivation // Lucy Lismore Health


One of the frequent questions I get is find out how to keep motivated throughout a well being and health journey. So at this time listed below are 6 methods to …



  1. this is exactly what i need to hear, thank you ~ im in the current phase of really unmotivated and burnout, but im slowly regaining myself. a little better than yesterdays

  2. Goodness, I was sold on your story and then you mentioned health anxiety…this video came at the perfect time for me, as I'm beginning my therapy journey for crippling health anxiety, along with my health journey towards weight loss and happiness…what an inspiration you are ❤️

  3. I started my healthy/fitness journey 4 months ago and i lost about 14 pounds. Am i going too slow? Cause im kinda losing motivation and I feel im doing something wrong especially that Ive been on a plateau for like 15 days now.

  4. Thanks Lucy , Im a 52 year old guy . Today is my first day of getting back in shape . Got some injuries but like you said don't worry about motivation ,just do the small things. I also see I'm alone on this journey . Anybody reading this don't ever give up . Like the lady said keep your goals in mind !

  5. Really love your videos! I’ve started training in calisthenics after finding that it’s very beneficial for doing pole & aerial & over all strength conditioning. It’s tough & discipline is necessary. I’ve found that many folks In my circle who don’t train for strength with just body weight dont understand the process. I haven’t come across a lot of channels with women who do calisthenics so this is a 💎 gem. I like that you share your journey & let yourself be vulnerable. Keep up the great work !♥️😊👍

  6. weight loss depends person to person,but the key is to maintain both exercise as well as diet,i myself lost around 11-12 pounds just by eating right but i noticed that i was loosing my muscle mass too then i came across program which really helped me to stay fit if anyone interested just let me know

  7. Great advice, Lucy, as always! Whenever I think about motivation, I remember something a psychologist said on this one podcast. She said something like, "Let your behavior dictate your feeling — not your feeling dictating your behavior." In other words, sooo many times we ask ourselves if we "feel" like doing something. And if we don't, we don't do it. Instead, just do it (like the Nike slogan says), and the happy — or at least accomplished — feelings will come after! And even if it still sucked, at least you stayed consistent, which we all should be proud of! 😊

  8. You are ALWAYS motivated, motivated to eat well or to eat rubbish, motivated to exercise to slouch on the couch. Our motivation is what we are driven to do. The question is WHY we have our particular motivation at any particular time.


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