Pewdiepie Exposes Pretend Pure Celebrities


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  1. rich piana i think was the first fitness influencer to admit and talk openly about steroids and he was a guy who always said train natural,eat whole foods,don't drink protein and etc

  2. Here’s my problem: we hear so much about women's’ beauty standards. If response to that, we see plus size models, Barbie dolls of different body types, and much more on social media and movies. When companies like Disney continually cast the Rock, do they care of boys’ beauty standards? How many young boys are now growing up wanting to look like their favorite super hero, never knowing that can’t achieve that without steroids?

  3. I don't think people on steroids can give great Fitness and / or Training advice unless, of course, you are also on steroids. I do believe though, that the influencers mentioned in the video have extensive knowledge of anabolic steroids and their effect on the human body but I would most definitely not take any advice from them in regard to training regiment for obvious reasons.
    The Bioneer and Shredded Sport Science as well as Athlean-X and Jeff Nippard are some of the most useful resources when it comes to training advice for a normal human being on youtube.
    Watched a few reaction videos of pewdiepie's video and like your take on it. Thanks. Subbed.

  4. This is a great subject. I believe we should be more open and honest. There is a big stigma with use which means it's still underground. This in itself can lead to problems. As a gym owner, I overhear this topic all the time and see young men doing it but not understanding the how-to, safety is my main concern and I am doing my utmost to help educate.

    I myself would love to try it but would do it with blood works and the help of professionals, as an older man (43) years of age. I miss having the energy and I can go all day attitude. This is something may do in the future but will be open and honest with my members and family.

    Lets educate and not run this underground where we really don't know what we are using.

  5. Honestly, I think it's a good thing steroids are viewed so harshly. If they were legal and/or viewed as commonplace, most likely, some people not deep in the fitness sphere might go and pick up a vial of tren because that's what Chris uses without understanding the side effects. Obviously, this is an extreme example that would only happen if the view of steroids swung 180 degrees, but I think for overall public health, it is in our interest to make it difficult to obtain steroids.

    Your point about these influencers using their juiced body to sell things to unsuspecting buyers is fair. People are getting ripped off. That being said, if this misleading is many times what gets people in the gym, I think that it is a good thing. And if they continue to work out and introduce themselves to the online lifting community, they will eventually find out that the person they are being influenced by is on steroids. Obviously, finding out that you will never look like your idle without severe health sidefects is a letdown. Still, by then, they probably have probably started to truly enjoy training and hopefully, it will make a meaningful positive impact on their lives.

  6. There's 0 upsides to coming out and a lot of potential downsides. I mean, the amount of people who really give a cares enough about this is so small on the large scale of things.

  7. There's 0 upsides to coming out and a lot of potential downsides. I mean, the amount of people who really give a cares enough about this is so small on the large scale of things.

  8. Will kids damage themselves more if they discover it’s the juice that makes it juicy? Is it a lesser evil to just mislead and rip them off? Kids are t going to responsibly juice so maybe it’s better they irresponsibly purchase the influencers products instead?

  9. You just know Disney must have a morals clause in its contracts to keep people from admitting something like illicit steroids use. Hard to say what Disney would enforce, but they'd risk the whole cash cow by admitting steroid use. That said — I think the kind of marketing Hemsworth employed is unethical. It's pretty cut and dry given that the marketing promises "muscle like Chris". Yes, it's obvious to us he is using something extra, but i really do believe most people are ignorant to how pervasive steroid is — both casually and clinically.

  10. I'm pretty sure there are many actors in Hollywood who have admitted using steroids and still get work. Didn't Arnold? What about pro wrestlers, body builders and football players? No one cares as long as you are truthful.

  11. Thinking about a world where people admit to it, I expect the reason a lot of them won't is because it will dramatically decrease interest in them and what they are selling.

    Chris Hemsworth and others are selling a dream that with enough hard work, you can look like them. For many movie stars, that's as far as it goes, they just need to be a sort of inspirational role model. For others (including Hemsworth), they are actually selling something too, and the pitch is that you'll get a great body like them if you just buy their thing.

    If all you'll get is a "healthy lifestyle" or whatever, then it's not going to do the same kinds of numbers as if it turns you into a sexy buff ripped guy. If the audience knows they need PEDs, then they'll just quit before they even start, because they don't want to take the risk of that and maybe don't really know how.

    It's not just a men's thing. Women have it in different ways too. Some female celebrity who has had many expensive surgeries and procedures will sell a workout or a skin care product and say its the formula to their success, because if they just said "it's good but it won't make you look like me without also dropping five figures on face lifts, fillers, botox, liposuction, laser treatment etc." then most won't even be that interested in the first place.

  12. I was a real Natty. It's not easy bench pressing over 400 pound's without steroids. Most gym bumbs so to speak I used to work out with were juicing, doing roids. I knew the effects upon their bodies both male's and the females. Plenty took roids and they weren't desirous of competition. When I went down state for track and field for the quick sprint's and shot putting I did better in sprinting. I was an exceptional athlete however I finally got beat in all event's. Especially in shot putting. As soon as I aproched the shot putting ring circle, the guys were huge. I saw their throws puts really, and their first attempts were breaking my All time best record's. I'd had the all time school record's from my high school. In 100 yard dash 110 high hurdles and freshman shot put. Obviously they were juicing and I was not. My bench press freshman year of 330 pounds for 3 rep's was probably not going to be enough strength for my shot put. And I did take throwing practice seriously as well as my weight gym workouts. However greater bodyweight would have helped as I was only 210 pounds and I was very lean. in my sprinting I did better but was eliminated in the 3rd round. But in the gym I beat a lot of steroid guy's but not all. Clearly being a Natty wasn't going to win a lot of contests for me sprinting putting or open bench meets which I had later won as a Natty but only because I weighed less me and another guy both benched the same weight 297 however I could have went heavier. I'd clean and jerked 290 @160 and snatched 230 which was a great snatch actually. Power lift's we're 622 squat 585 deadlift which I could have went heavier on deadlift and 365 bench press. Later I got up to 435 pause. But not at that meet. I pulled 620 later.i could curl175 real strict. Pressing was 245 very strict I know I could later go heavier 265. But that wasn't at any meet just in the gym. 160 for rep's behind the neck for 12-15 in training. I did all the lifting stuff including heavy leg pressing. Arm wrestling, I was a real iron game athlete. But I'd already been a diver swimmer gymnastics baseball basketball wrestling boxing so so Chess. I was very active as a youth I'd jump rope for a mile running. For my sprinting boxing road work. I even did wrist rollers with weight. I was pushed to do sports as a foster kid and I'm very glad I was later of course. Anyway, reasons I didn't do steroids myself. Bible training for one. Also don't stir up competition found in bible. Health also stopped me from doing steroids. I was clean, moral. I'd also decided I wasn't going to compete. And prioritize other aspects of my life like music and buisness. Bodybuilders and strength athletes don't really make much money at it in general. Also music had it's price as well including people pushing drugs on you. I wasn't interested in touring. Only behind the scenes doing stage props and jingles singing. In the industry advertising you have notariety but no fame with the general public being much more discreet and incognito. Nameless. Which I valued my privacy, and personal freedom for Fame takes that away and also adds more danger's. Especially touring on the road in music. I found a lot of persuits in life had their prices to pay. Doctors frequently have less personal time and big school loans to finish paying off. Plus medical hypocratic Oaths of honestly integrity truth to do no harm which for profit medicine completes with. Anyhow I didn't feel it was wise to do drug's I didn't know enough about. As there's lots of lies. I was even sponsored by a doctor to take steroids but I refused. Principles and standards. But to compete in serious level competition it's mandatory as well as chancing your life expectancy which I felt was a bad trade off. Not worth the price as I hoped to attempt to live a long happy life. Ironically life throws you curved ball's and I was injured in a trucking accident and handicapped however I'm proud of my personal integrity and choice's also I feel I was a great trainer partly because I didn't take short cuts and the hard way is the best teacher. I learned my body well and learned what worked and what didn't work. Having support from family also helps even in athletic pursuits as well as anything and just about everything. However my family was never supportive of anything I ever chose to do. But that made me push harder especially in advertising since it was such a cut throat closed very difficult industry to get into. So still athletics and it's discipline and my personal standards and value and focuse still payed of in life and also kept me from arrogance and kept me humble to know how to allow others to win and for me to support other people and encourage them like a famous bodybuilding friend of mine whom I won't mention his name.

  13. Just gotta point out, at 1:30 that is not question begging, a logical fallacy where the conclusion is assumed (not proven) to be true and used in one of the premises of an argument. The phrase he is want of using is “the question arises.”

  14. Joe Weider was doing the exact same thing years ago. Selling supplements to naive teens (one of whom I admit was me), by rolling out his magazine's but with roided up monsters on the cover. Not once was anabolic's mentioned. It was always coded when X bodybuilder died of something, or got locked up for violence. With the internet this is now more prevalent and insidious. The net has been both a blessing AND a curse. There is more readily accessible information out there, but also a lot misinformation and people playing on young peoples insecurities.

  15. Great video man. Love the thought provoking style. Instead of telling people what to think, you ask questions and let them decide. That's something a lot of fitness channels don't do 💯💪

  16. Thank you for making a video about this topic, it's important that all fitness influencers try to spread the truth. You are saving the young and naive from lots of self-image issues, doubt, self-loathing, and possible unhealthy steroid use in the future.

  17. In conclusion… steroids fluff muscle size and appearance of hyper masculinity at any level of strength or rep volume… but there is probably a way to do a stack and still be really lean and light bw for endurance sports like cycling… running… basketball if your preferred body type is light… there are ways to do a stack and have a lot of strength but not size… a lot size gaining depends on rep volume… also… if u want big quads… deadlift leg dominant off the ground…. Quarter squat… squat to parallel.. i recommend having atg flexibility and ability but it won’t help u in the quads department as much… it will simply help all your other squats… also… front squat to every depth… you’ll see your biggest quad gains going to parallel or less..

  18. Another guy we had seen squatting 295 to like quarter or less like it was all he could do for one or so… with pretty solid development in the quads… again… pretty strong deadlifter… we had seen this guy doing leg extensions… Could be on roids as a lot of reasonably fit guys actually are… also there are probably a lot of people who probably don’t use roids but do use stuff like creatine…

  19. We had seen the gods showing me guys with pretty goid development in the quads who… a. front squatted 2 plates and maybe some change to parallel at an expert level… and high barred well alao…but this guy could not support 315 pounds highbar without crashing down… probably couldn’t frontsquat it… he had a reasonably high rep scheme and was pretty smooth… honestly steroids could play a role also… although this man definitely solidly in could be natty territory also.. but had I would say really solid quad development… i don’t think… he loads up on a lot of leg extensions… deadlifts pretty well… probably uses leg drive to get off the ground… could probably deadlift approaching 4 plates or a bit less or more…

  20. I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with being a fake natty…. People just trying to make a buck… there’s a lot of nuance that goes into these bodies that have size… yes steroids play a role but people also need to be putting up a lot of reps… I was thinking about quad size as it relates to squat depth… and how you often might not have the biggest and strongest quads if you focus exclusively on ATG…

  21. It's the hypocrisy that blows my mind, these people should just own it plenty of people take HRT in one form or another how is using a PED any different to lifting a weight, they are both external means to changing the form of the body. There are no complaints about athletes chowing down on 4000 calories but that is also exceptional to the norm.

    People should just say, I take x, I eat y and I lift z. A much more mature way of dealing with it and could possibly aid with further research into the subject … greater sample size and all that

  22. I feel like I belong to a group of people that gets caught in the middle of this. Some of us are naturally very hypertrophic. I think we need to establish that there are some very impressive looking naturals that get undue hate in this conversation.

  23. I look at steroid use amongst fitness/movie stars as being like airbrushing — it's everywhere, and even when we're conscious of the fact that it's everywhere, our perception of reality is altered. We can't catch every altered image or steroid-enhanced physique. We'd have to consciously tell ourselves "this is not real" every time we turn on a TV, open youtube or read a magazine.

    Yes, I know on some level that a 50 year old movie star has wrinkles, just as I know that the average superhero movie star is on gear. However, when that's all you see in movies and in magazines, it makes it the new normal.

    It's like back in the late 90s/early 2000s when wrestling started packing the roster with super-huge heavyweights, and the 'normal' wrestlers (who are bigger than you, me and practically everyone you've ever set eyes on in real life) started to look scrawny.

  24. Bro I don’t watch pewdiepie because I generally think he’s cringe but from the clips you posted he kinda is goated for me right now. Re: toward the end: generally I think people are too dumb to handle the truth, so I don’t think Chris Hemsworth needs to or should tell the truth, or anybody in Hollywood. Anybody who’s taken enough time to be in the fitness world and gives enough fucks about their health knows the truth without being told, because this is what we do. My biggest issue is the fucking fitness influencers who are like an almost achievable fake natty signed by gym shark and market their shit to insecure 17 year olds who then hop on random SARMs and fuck their lives up. I’m thinking bout the kids here brah.

  25. Do we care about epistemology? Do we care about truth? Pewdiepie seems to, maybe inspired by his philosophical readings, I presume. And how important should that be to society? Hell, truth matters. In relationships, in science, in politics. It fucking matters.


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