The Finest Exercise Motivation Ever – Joe Rogan


Joe Rogan and Rhonda Patrick have an inspiring and motivational dialog about all the advantages of bodily train.



  1. I’ve been into the gym for about a year and my goal was simply to learn to love going. My theory was that if I could focus on enjoying it then I’d set up a lifestyle. It took a long time of pushing through the times that I genuinely didn’t want to go but I went anyways and I finally came to the point that I look forward to going. Tonight, at about 13 months in I first noticed that endorphine high on the way home that was so strong I missed my exit on the highway.

  2. I get the whole gym/health life style and yeh it is difficult to do and achieve that great level of fitness because of how our brains are wired these days, but lets be real here running at 90-100 years old looking like you're about to stroke and shieet yourself every millisecond you're doing the run, that ain't healthy at that age man lol.

  3. I rlly wanna workout but when I do sit-ups by tailbone hurts so I tied some other techniques but that made my back hurt idk what to do anymore everything just hurts

  4. I wish i could afford the gym rn im working out at home but i dont get that extra motivation i need to grind harder especially when i live with 4 more people in the house its kinda discomforting to workout in such a small place

  5. Good video, but.. you ruined with that much F** words, my teen kids were next to me watching too, but I had to stop it, n give up on the rest.. Take in consideration you have different viewers, at my age I can't watch this with my dad, unce or kids.. n the list goes on.

  6. yeah i'm on month 6 of a fitness journey and i don't like being around anyone until after i've sweat the day befores struggles out. I think i'm going to start earning the sun up once winter is done up here in Canada its too cold to be outside the cold breaks me down. i work out infront of a space heater in a small room and i heat that bitch up before i go in i like to sweat alot i find the feeling afterwards is the best when i sweat lots. like sweat is currency with reference to working out.

  7. 2/16/22 – im 18, watched this vid, for some reason it took me a long time to realize that i have the control to my life, not my depression, every time i see a video of jacked dudes working out i am fully motivated to do the same, but the video ends and im back to thinkling i cant reach that, im done, fuck depression, by posting this in the comments im stating that i decide to break free from my shell, im tearing up typing this but im ready for the new me, im ready to feel good about about my self

  8. The reason people seak relaxation, and path of least resistance is because we use to have to conserve our energy, for things like getting food. We don't have to anymore, but it's still built into our brains to conserve as much energy as possible.

  9. Rogan hits it on the head. A topic of point that I tell my own subscribers. Anyone who is over 30 will tell you they have a hard time going to work and maintaining a fitness program. As a matter of fact this age is when things really start to slide. Why? Because as you age you have less energy. I am at the age where no matter if it is Monday at the beginning of the week or Friday I don't want to exercise after work. This is where the mindset has to kick in. An attitude of "no matter what" you go to the gym or on that run. If you feel that pull of resistance you get up. You make yourself do it if you had a hard day at work and are mentally squeezed. If you only got four hours of sleep. You turn every day into a challenge. You win when you come home from your workout. If you do this, you will build a discipline pattern that will carry over. You will start to think "I went last week when I had a night of four hours of sleep so I can do it this week. And it becomes pattern in your brain. That is a tip to stay consistent. Hope this helps someone out there—Charles.

  10. I stopped working out and I feel much better. Nothing worse than a few muscles bulking up and still no fat loss. Plus I always get rhabdomyolysis and going to the gym made me late for work and I even caught covid from the gym. Not working out and just watching my diet I've lost fat and feel better

  11. The thing is it's hard to get into the flow of it, it's hard to get your mind out if the way and "not leave it till tomorrow" it's hard to overcome that hurdle, but when you do overcome it, you slowly enjoy it more and more, when you think about it, it's always a negative effect but when you do it, you feel better about yourself, the pain is a natural discomfort that wears off but feels good after it's been done

  12. Wow the point you makes around five minutes and is crazy. Because essentially Earth DOES have a shitty manager. Mother nature gave rise to humans which are causing climate change which will… Well, I guess give earth a fever… Which will get rid of the thing that’s causing climate change (humans). Maybe earth doesn’t have a shitty manager after all.

  13. I'm still not able to overcome that point where you just quit. It's been years for me now, where I keep going through these cycles of getting tired of my shitty body, finding the motivation to get in shape, trying to exercise and then quitting after some time. Going on, I find it more and more hard to get that initial motivation, so that sometimes I don't even start, and even when I start it lasts less and less. I used to train for a couple of months, losing about 10kg before going through some random life shitstorm and therefore quitting, now I may train 1 day and the second time I try something inside my head begins to say horrible things to myself until it becomes unbearable to keep it going.

  14. The choice to work out or drop out is what exercise is really all about.
    If exercise had no health benefits other than that, did not lift your mood, did not improve your quality of life, did not improve your body in its resistance to fatigue and injury, did not make you stronger, and didn't just plain feel good, it would still be more worthwhile than what people typically do with their time instead.
    The reason I say this is because exercise is the gateway to discipline. You think the navel seals put you through hell week to make you tough as nails? No it's to turn you into a soul-taker; something that can feed off of it's surroundings psychologically, not physically. And most people don't understand that there is a need to do this because this was always taken care of in our culture implicitly — nobody every wrote up the instruction manual because it all used to take care of itself.

    If you've ever tried to do anything in life, you will routinely come up against this wall which is yourself. You'll know what you want, know what to do, know exactly what the next step is — but you won't take it. And the reason for that is you aren't the master of your own house, your own psyche.
    You see, the way most people act is that they are the pilot and their body is the vehicle, when in actuality it's more like, there is the vehicle of the body, a monkey — who is the one that's really in control — and then there's you; a parasite living on the monkey who can occasionally draw blood from it and divert it away from whatever raving nonsense it was doing. And that's what we were for the longest time; raving monkeys.

    But a long long time ago one of the gnats living on a monkey invented a psycho-technology called a symbol — The greatest psychotechnlogy that has ever been created because it was the origin of human consciousness as opposed to monkey consciousness.

    Now symbols have a very strange effect on monkeys (or at least the kind of monkey you and I are.) They fascinate them. Like dangling keys in front of a baby — imagine the gnats lowering these images down in front of the monkey's eyes on a fishing line. And this has the effect of drawing the monkey's attention and energy in certain directions. People used to draw cave paintings of the animals because they seemed to beileve that by manipulating the symbol the could get the real thing. And it seemed to work. Only it was discovered much later that drawing a deer impaled by a spear didn't cause deer to spontaneously drop dead in front of the tribe but rather the symbol that the gnats were trying to get across to the monkeys caused the monkeys to make weapons, track animals, and kill them themselves: what appeared to be an effort to affect the external physical work was actually affecting the internal psychological world.

    As the gnats got better at making symbols and showing them to the monkeys, they became personified and turned into gods. The monkeys still had no clue what they were doing, but it was okay because whenever they needed to know something, the gnats would create a god image for them who did know how. The monkeys still thought that it was the symbols that had this mysterious power, but as the symbols became more sophisticated, the gnats could get them to do more ambitious and complicated things.

    Eventually the gnats made real breakthroughs, such as time, space, language, law, government, religion, and science. They created self awareness that allowed the monkeys to realize that it was the gnats directing them the whole time and thus identify themselves with the gnats. The gods became hero myths and the heroes because the stories of great individuals.

    But then something went terribly wrong and the symbols died. The self awareness that once allowed the monkeys and the gnat sot accomplish great things together left the monkeys trapped in a state of self consciousness — fascinated by the sight of the symbol-creating gnats themselves — like powerless insects. They identified so strongly with the gnats that they forgot their true nature and that their monkey selves existed. They would be assaulted my restlessness, depression, dark moods and nihilism and had no idea where they came from. They would look at the relics of their once potent symbols and think, "that's no use to me — I'm just a gnat! Would that I were a monkey and really in control of this body!"

    I think I've tortured the analogy enough.
    The point is that by exercising your will in exercise, you forge a symbol of yourself; like what Goggins talks about with the cookie jar. You strengthen consciousness and it's ability to draw on your body's resources. If your consciousness grows too weak, it'll be possessed by the unconscious and you'll have depression or a psychotic break. The basic reason you want to exercise is that it, as well as routine, socializing, and all that good stuff, is all part of keeping this relationship between mind and body sustained and it will keep you from going insane. You think it hurts to be out of breath? Try being out of your mind! Doesn't even compare to that kind of suffering.

    People don't see the point of exercise because they are dissociated from themselves and don't see how not only their mind but their entire psychology rests on their bodies.
    You want pleasure? The body is the organ of pleasure and if you don't take care of that, you're not going to be experiencing anything you want to experience.

  15. Worked out for the first time in 5 years (I'm a 25 year old 130 lb man) the day before Christmas. As soon as I got home, I wanted to go right back to the gym. That feeling was even stronger when I worked out last night. It was weird; my muscles were tense and aching, but I really wanted the pain.




  17. Thank you for this video.. I am a 44 yr old female I started n stop so tired of not sticking to my work out I hate it when I gained and my clothes don’t fit right that where I started to get annoyed n irritated easily I feel like I am miserable. I will get back on track I know that feeling being in shape and feeling awesome it’s an amazing feeling we all can do it balanced and mind is my biggest challenge . I will get inspired again today after work I am on my goal. Thank you sometimes you need positive messages. God blessed. 🙏

  18. I think it’s the first time of my life that a motivational video about exercise actually motivates me to exercise. It’s pragmatic and logical. I’m gonna stay humble because this is my Day 1 on this new path but I really feel like it helped. Thank you. 💛


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