Prime 10 Celebrities Who've Educated With Calisthenics


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  1. I do 400 push ups 400 free squats 120 inverted row pull ups and 5km running within 30 minutes to be honest im happy with my physique and since 5 month no gyming so i reduce my diet also just eat 5 eggs 4 slice wheat bread 100 gram rice one scoop whey and 300 to 400 gram filet fish everyday i feel much more energetic now as compair to when i used too do free weight training

  2. I love your channel and have been using your beginning routine for over a month now with great results. I never liked going to the gym or working out but now finding myself excited to. Thanks for helping me finally find something that works for me! Keep up the good work

  3. Weak, weak. 😉 An interesting list but a weak list. Yes, weak. Weak indeed. Lalanne and Lee are strong but the rest are weak. My list is better (and manlier): 1) Woody Strode; 2) Herschel Walker; 3) Charles Bronson; 4) James Ryan; 5) Marvelous Marvin Hagler; 6) Mike Henry; 7) Ron Ely; 8) Floyd "Money" Mayweather; 9) Clint Walker:; 10) and last, but not least, Commander James Bond. Read my list again. Carefully. Now tell me how your list can possibly compare to the calisthenic manliness of mine.

  4. Bald guys and calisthenics. Fun. Can't disagree, having very little hair myself. 😛
    I guess it's the minimalism in both training and hair style (or amount) that appeals some people. 😀


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