High 15 ' NATURAL ' Health Celebrities on Youtube


It is a video exhibiting the highest Youtube Celebrities of Health. You must watch this video, and keep motivated , as a result of all of the …



  1. dude… kali is natural for sure, the other guys might be using but kali is all about genetics and tunafish and shit… yeah, he's natural, he is for real!

  2. No such thing as 'random' on youtube. If you have a strict diet it is possible but it does mess with your mind. Eat less ensure you don't pack on fat. It's simple. Now, I've not had any pointers on steroids to assist in dropping fat. Would I do it if I knew it would work? Yes I would. Would I lie about it? No. I wouldn't.

  3. If you didn't get it, he is calling out fake nattys 😂 hence the song in the background! That is also why there are no actual well known real nattys on the list…

  4. funny how this list left out almost all the natural bodybuilders 😂 I think I only saw 1 or 2 nattys in this video and the rest are fake nattys.


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