Trick Your self into Discovering Motivation to Train By Utilizing Psychology


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  1. Ok Mr. Psychologist, please give me an advise, because what you just said in this video doesn't work on me…My problem is – I have always leave the earning of the money that I need to pay everything for the very last moments, I am self- employed, so I chose hours and earnings for myself. I have debts and rent which needs to be paying, but it became a habit since school I think, you know when we were supposed to be prepared for exams or doing homework, so I am that guy who wasn't studying at home 99 % of the time….Or was doing it in just few hours on the last day before the doom day… How can I change it…? It really stresses me out…But for some reason I keep doing it…If I over forcing myself, I end up AFK in bed for 4 to 8 days sometimes, because my brain saying nope you not going to work, you paid all debts, what date today, ok we still have 15 days, to earn 600, you need 5 days, so we are not going to work for the next 10 days dude, and I am thinking – but what about things like new cloth or some other stuff, maybe restaurants, maybe holidays ? And brain just – nah we don't need it…So often happens that some unpredictable stuff happens, like car braking or debt being taken one day earlier and I start to hustle, taking debts from other people, from friends, so I have ruined relationships with many people because of that, cause I didn't pay back in time…And I don't pay in time ,because I think they don't need these money in time, we haven't agreed on anything I just said I'll pay when I can, but year have passed and I still don't pay…They say hey mate you owe me money, and I am saying man I struggle, because I always on the edge, do you really nerd these money, and it is usually small sums like 100 to 300,I mean u have a good job I know you are saving , I know you have money, you don't need them right now, I know that 100 %, but I do need them more than you ! and you know that 100 %. So why are you being so unhappy or whatever about it, when you'll really be in trouble I promise I'll pay you all I owe and I'll help you, I'll be there for you, and I always did. But the problem is majority of people don't put themselves in that situation, so in 99 % I can't prove to them that I am solid. But people don't like this attitude…Also if person saying I want my money back next week Friday, in 99 % I am paying back on Friday, but I started to ask for money nearly every week or once a month, so I ended up paying % if I take 100 I give back next Friday 110.But people still unhappy, they rather want me to leave them alone and stop asking for money… So I am looking for solution how to change my habit…. I was thinking about electrocute my brain, would it help you think !?

  2. When keep harping that those who exercise long term have Internal Locus of Control (ILOC) without giving pointers on what to do, from psychological point of view, you are basically saying that if a person doesn't have ILOC you will never be consistent. Which is so not true. Rework your script and see what is the value add that you are giving in your video. And start giving it early in the video. I watched 2.35 mins and there was no value add so far. Couldn't watch any longer. Just too much repetition and no way ahead.

  3. Im that kind of a person that once I do things I do things but I get tired of it easily, like Im bored or smth. I dunno how to fix it. Am I a natural born lazy as I continue to do things?

  4. I REALLY love some of the exercise apps today – yoga, running, weights, calisthenics, food/drink logging – really educational stuff that keep pushing my standards and motivation

  5. I Just got into working out then i got sick and couldnt do it for a long while and all the exercise i did feels like it was for nothing and now i cant get the motivation start again…

  6. Tell me after 16 years a lorry driver who works 6 days and 13-15 hours a day ……start in the dark in the morning and autumn and winter stop after dark…..not really physical work just stressful. How shall I find motivation? I tell you I used to go to gym everyday,played tennis before the caraccident 25 years ago. I ran marathin in 3.5 hours I even ran 60 km in 6 hours but that all is lost deep in the abyss. I have no motivation anymore……what to do?


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